Creating a recognizable & scalable brand identity system.

Atak is a large live music venue in downtown Enschede. It hosts everything inbetween Jazz and Heavy Metal. The core of the Atak organization is an active group of volunteers. Not only does Atak host shows, it’s a center of popculture. Supporting local bands, record fairs, expo’s but most importantly a feeling inside.

We took this concept as a starting point developing a new brand strategy and visual language. Put into words and visualize that feeling. Atak is round.

Cheerful & versatile

With roots in squatting and famous for dark metal shows, Atak’s identity is known for a dark style supported by red. We kept the red but started of with a white base and added a palette of cheerful colors to support the round concept. Of course the metal nights keep their black base.

Using a set of smart guides and percentages we allow to keep the recognisable brand shape “U” consistent throughout all media. *Final grids and guides by Alberto Dijksma 



Corporate and public identity

In- or outside, Atak is the same brand. Although the visual identity serves a different purpose, that why we separated them. To the public, we like to have impact. A large logo, bold typefaces, colorful, brief and to the point. While inside it should be functional, corporate and complete. We assume most people receiving our posts and read our reports are no strangers to the Atak brand, therefore our logo has a more modest size.