Digitising hundreds of years of art history 360°.  

The Rijksmuseum (national museum) Twenthe in Enschede, Netherlands, focuses on 18th century art as well as contemporary works. It’s new identity, designed by famous typographer Gerard Unger, is based on his latest typeface, Alverata.

I translated the very typographic identity to a modern responsive website. Giving good artwork and articles the space to breath. Removing noise to bringing the strength of a physical museum to online; exposing it’s content.



Part of a bigger plan.  

The website is part of a bigger plan. Planning expo’s, looking up contacts, managing content and the collection, it’s all part of the comprehensive RMT Start. We created the UI design for the system. 

Sharing information and knowledge has become common good. The museum has decided to open up it’s doors. sharing not only their updates, but those of partners and other interesting expo’s.  In the near future we’ll be partnering up again to design a new UI/UX part of the the website to browse it’s extensive collection with thousands of artworks.